ECON 282: Economics of Big Data

Professor Christiaan Hogendorn

Professor Hogendorn's Homepage Course Syllabus

Course Policies

Office Hours: T, W, Th 1-2

If door is open, I may be available, please knock. I also encourage appointments: talk to me before or after class or e-mail.
e-mail: chogendorn
Course Assistants:
Grading: 30% Midterm take-home exam/project
40% Final take-home exam/project
20% Assignments
10% Class participation

I always use the Hogie scale for grading: 0, 1, 2 (the "hurdle" level), 3, 4 (minor problems), or 5. To find your letter grade equivalent, divide by the number of questions to get your average score on the 0-5 scale. Then convert according to: 4.5=A, 4.0=A-, 3.7=B+, 3.3=B, 3.0=B-, 2.7=C+. 2.3=C, 2.0=C-, 1.7=D+, 1.3=D, 1.0=D-.

Assignments will receive a check minus, check, or check plus. The 0-5 scale equivalents are: check plus, 4.5, check 3.4, and check minus 2.3.