Economics 301: Microeconomic Analysis

Professor Christiaan Hogendorn

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Course Policies

Office Hours: M, T 1-2 and W, Th 11-12

If door is open, I may be available, please knock. I also encourage appointments: talk to me before or after class or e-mail.
e-mail: chogendorn
Course Assistant: Angela Lu
clinic TBA
Book: Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, and 5th editions are all official textbooks for this course. Save money, buy an earlier edition! Note that many chapters in this textbook have a calculus appendix. Always read these appendices.

You may find Walter Nicholson, Microeconomic Theory (any edition) helpful for answering calculus questions. This book is often used in other sections of this course.
Problem Sets: There will be 10 problem sets, 9 graded. Problem sets are due in class. You may work with other students on problem sets, and you may turn in one set with multiple names on it.

The questions on the exams will be similar to the problem sets. There are also review problems in the book -- the applicable ones are listed next to each reading.
Exams: There will be two midterms and a final exam.
Grading: 25% First midterm
25% Second midterm
30% Final exam
10% Adjustment for problem sets
10% Adjustment for class participation

I always use the Hogie scale for grading: 0, 1, 2 (the "hurdle" level), 3, 4 (minor problems), or 5. To find your letter grade equivalent, divide by the number of questions to get your average score on the 0-5 scale. Then convert according to: 4.5=A, 4.0=A-, 3.7=B+, 3.3=B, 3.0=B-, 2.7=C+. 2.3=C, 2.0=C-, 1.7=D+, 1.3=D, 1.0=D-.

Problem sets will receive a check minus, check, or check plus. The 0-5 scale equivalents are: check plus, 4.5, check 3.4, and check minus 2.3. Your lowest problem set will be dropped. Late problem sets will not be graded.

If your grade on the final exam is higher than the lower of your two midterm grades, then your lower midterm will be dropped and your final will count for 55% of your grade. Because of this, you may not reschedule the midterms. To make the grading fair to all, it is also important to avoid rescheduling the final exam, so this will be possible only in serious emergencies.